Ema has always produced accessories with passion and quality…

Ema was born as a small artisanal company in Florence area fifty years ago, in 1974, by the will of its founder, Rino Rialti, alongside his wife Evelina. With the arrival of the nineties, the ownership embarked on a strategy of dimensional expansion, transferring the company to the larger current headquarters and allowing it to reach its present size. Today Ema, under the guidance of Maurizio and Luca Rialti, is one of the leading companies in its sector, being at the forefront in the manufacture and production of metal accessories for fashion. In fact, the company can boast a unique experience in the sector, having operated successfully for fifty years. This long history is characterized by a balance between its craftsmanship and at the same time a strongly innovative imprint that has allowed it to keep alive its historical roots and traditions, while adopting the latest technologies.

50th Anniversary

EMA is proud to celebrate its fiftieth anniversary, an extraordinary milestone symbolizing five decades of dedication, innovation, and success. Since its humble beginnings, the company has undergone remarkable evolution thanks to the perseverance of its founders and the dedication of its employees. On this anniversary, there is an opportunity to reflect on the challenges overcome, achievements made, and relationships built over the years. The company wishes to express gratitude to every team member, customer, supplier, partner, and supporter who has contributed to its success. Looking to the future, EMA is committed to maintaining the high standards of excellence that have distinguished it in a highly competitive market. A heartfelt thank you to all those who have made this incredible fifty-year journey possible.