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Quality and Craftsmanship

A passionate team dedicated to preserving and promoting authentic quality in creations.

Attention to detail and a passion for excellence.
EMA places quality orientation at the center of its values, ensuring that every product undergoes rigorous checks to meet the high standards set. The primary focus is on maximizing customer satisfaction, reflected in close collaboration with the customer throughout the production process. This synergy aims to produce a handmade product of excellent workmanship. The company’s core values are craftsmanship and experience, considered essential pillars to ensure customers high quality and maximum product satisfaction. This commitment extends to both the intermediate processing phase and the final phase, ensuring that each product reflects attention to detail and a commitment to excellence in production.

Sustainable Development

Pursuing sustainability goals is not a cost, but a long-term investment.

EMA pays close attention to environmental and social issues.
Employee health has always been a top priority in a controlled and welcoming work environment, with particular attention to the individual needs of each person. EMA has also signed ethical codes with its clients, undergoing numerous tests regarding environmental sustainability. Through improvements in production processes, the aim is to create more sustainable accessories while maintaining high-quality standards, reducing the use of hazardous substances, optimizing energy and raw material waste.
The inauguration of the 28 kW/h photovoltaic plant was a cornerstone in EMA’s strategy to reduce its environmental impact. This project covers approximately 30% of our internal energy needs, contributing to renewable energy production. In parallel, the integration of electric vehicles into the company’s fleet represents a significant step in reducing polluting emissions. EMA aims to complete the transition to electric vehicles, in line with the goals set by the European Union to mitigate the environmental impact of the transport sector.
In 2023, the company embarked on an ambitious reforestation initiative in developing countries, demonstrating a strong commitment to offsetting carbon emissions. This action has helped mitigate the overall environmental impact of the company, reflecting environmental responsibility and attention to the global ecosystem.
EMA has implemented various concrete actions to improve environmental management in its daily operations. A key aspect of this strategy is the preference for packaging from sustainable sources or entirely reusable, reducing the use of non-recyclable materials and promoting eco-friendly practices throughout the entire distribution chain. Additionally, the company is committed to selecting suppliers that do not operate in war zones and strictly adhere to human rights. This choice not only ensures the quality of materials used in products but also attests to adherence to ethical and moral principles in the production process. The company collaborates exclusively with suppliers who share fundamental values of social responsibility. Recycling operations in industrial processes are also a crucial element of EMA’s sustainability strategy. In this context, the company has reduced waste and maximized material recovery, significantly contributing to more responsible resource management.


In a world of constant evolution, innovation is the key to success.

We are committed to providing cutting-edge solutions to optimize production processes, improve efficiency, and prepare for a digital future.
In an era where connectivity and artificial intelligence are redefining the corporate landscape, EMA embraces the latest technologies of Industry 4.0. Its mission focuses on providing innovative and personalized solutions, with the aim of enhancing productivity, flexibility, and sustainability. The company’s distinctive feature lies in the synergy between the ability to create handmade products and technological innovation. Through the adoption of cutting-edge processes and the integration of cutting-edge technologies, the company ensures superior quality, reduced delivery times, continuous monitoring during the production phase, and the production of meticulously crafted products.

Contributions Section

EMA S.r.l., in compliance with Law No. 124/2017, Article 1, Paragraphs 125 and 129, publishes the contributions received from public bodies. With reference to Article 1, Paragraph 125-bis, of Law No. 124/2017, it is noted that the company received subsidies, subsidies, benefits, contributions, or public aid in cash or in kind, not of a general nature, particularly in the year 2022 in relation to the 4.0 training project, the eligible expenses attributable to trained employees, as well as the accrued benefits, generated a 4.0 training tax credit of €47,048.04. The Company has received state aid under Article 52 of Law No. 234/2012, subject to the obligation to publish in the National Register of State Aid, which are indicated in the transparency section to which reference is made.