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EMA was born in 1974

Ema was born in Florence as an artisan workshop in 1974. Since the beginning, the founders have passed on their experience to their children and then to the new generations. Thanks to this generational relay-race, today Ema, in spite of internal technological evolution, continues to preserve its manufacturing traditions. Over the years, the company has grown and developed into a facility of about 2000 square meters near the center of Florence. Today Ema is a cutting-edge company in the metal hardware luxury for sector, with modern equipments and a qualified and trustworthy staff. The company’s main products, strictly of the highest quality and Made in Italy, are brass and other materials accessories for clothing and leather goods. Not to be forgotten are the table accessories, always one of its distinctive products. The wide range of products, punctuality in deliveries, excellent relationships with suppliers, and meticulous quality controls allow Ema to satisfy even the most demanding customers. Thanks to all these strengths, the company today is a supplier to the major luxury fashion brands.